Hearth & Home B36S

If you’re looking for the beauty of a real log fire but not the hassle of storing and maintaining the wood, a gas fireplace may be just for you. The B36S Direct-Vent Fireplace is the perfect solution for anyone looking to have a beautiful fire that provides supplemental heat in mid-sized homes.


  •  414mm profile – perfect for smaller space requirements.
  •  Standard firescreen front, eliminating glass glare and providing a measure of protection from accidental contact.
  • Standard Intellifire Ignition system with wall switch operation saves on running costs with pilot light operational only when fire is switched on.
  • Flex line and gas shut off for fast plumbing rough-in.
  • Choice of 3 or 4 sided 110mm ‘bevelled edge’ black surround.
  •  Top or rear venting direct vent balance flue ensuring indoor air quality.
  • Balanced Direct VentTM flue from either the top or rear of the appliance.
  • Direct VentTM ensures 100% air required for combustion comes from outside the home and 100% exhaust is expelled – ensuring your air quality is unaffected and safe.


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