Every heating option imaginable from the simplest Gas space heater to complete Ducted Systems. Crichton Fireside Shop has the clever heating solution perfect for your home.

Bonaire Gas Central Heating

If you are looking for ducted gas heating in your home, then you can’t go past Bonaire. The range of Bonaire heaters is quite comprehensive and was developed to so there are models to accommodate most applications.

Bonaire Wall Furnaces

Then the Pyrox Wall Furnace is the solution. Designed to deliver floor level warmth, the Pyrox Wall Furnace is the ideal heater to accommodate living areas or large entertaining areas in any home.

Braemar Gas Central Heating

Braemar ducted gas heating provides you with a cosy warmth and consists of a heating unit connected to a number of outlets by a system of ducts.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle is the ideal solution for the whole of home or office heating and cooling. Consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, the indoor unit is placed within the roof space and is connected to a series of vents within the house via ductwork. Warm or cool air...

Braemar Wall Furnaces

Braemar have a range of gas space heaters and wall furnaces to suit any sized room, in a variety of configurations.  Using leading-edge technology they deliver maximised energy efficiency and savings in running costs.

Brivis Gas Ducted Central Heating

Brivis Ducted Gas Heating comprises a heating unit connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts. The outlets & ducts are strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling. The position of the heating unit depends on your house.

Heat & Glo 3X

Compact and practical, the 3X is the update to the popular 350 series. With improved flame pattern, slimline front and small footprint, the 3X can be installed into almost any application. The 3X fits into a timber framework and can flue either vertically or horizontally, allowing for complete installation flexibility.

Heat & Glo 5X

Classic, sleek lines and impressive flames, the 5X is our most perennially popular fireplace. Easy to install, the 5X has a range of installation options that allow it to fit into almost any space. With a choice of fronts and trims, you can customise the fireplace until it’s perfect for...

Heat & Glo 6X

The 6X merges modern design, elegance and practicality into one impressive fireplace. Anti-reflective glass, ember bed lighting and reflective interior make the 6X a true technological innovation. Create a statement in any space with the striking 6X fireplace from Heat & Glo.

Hydroheat Hydronic Heating

Modern hydronics technology enables heat to be delivered precisely when and where it is needed. Hundreds of system configurations are possible, each capable of meeting the exact comfort requirements of its owner. Well- designed and properly installed hydronic systems provide unsurpassed comfort and fuel efficiency for the life of the...

Jetmaster Electric Flame Heating

The convenience of fire and heat, at the flick of a switch Perfect for areas that require ambience and warmth, but require streamlined and versatile heating design

Jetmaster Heat & Glo Gas Log

The Jetmaster Heat & Glo range of Balanced flue gas fires are Australia’s most popular gas fire. Offering unrivalled realism and efficiency. With straight out the back venting options Heat & Glo are an ideal installation for double storeys. The beauty of these is that they burn at the click...

Jetmaster Open Wood Fire

Insert Enhance the comfort and warmth of any home with a range of traditional and contemporary designs. Double Sided Create an eye-catching feature, heat two rooms simultaneously or have it freestanding with an exposed flue. Free Standing A freestanding fire is ideal for rooms with very high cathedral ceilings and...

Nectre 15

The Nectre 15 is beautifully compact but yet powerful enough to heat around 140m2 of living area. With its high efficiency rating and modest heat output, the Nectre 15 is a welcome addition to your home.

Nobo Electric Radiant Panel Heating

NOBØ manufactures an extensive range of energy efficient room heaters to suit a variety of applications. There is a NOBØ to suit your living room, bathroom, recreational room or business premises. The range includes Skirting Heaters, Radiant Heaters and Convectors. In a DOMESTIC application NOBØ Heating Panels are ideal for...

Noroit Electric Radiant Panel Heating

Totally safe. Totally silent, no fan. Allergy free and asthma friendly. Economical. Unique highly efficient European design utilises the expansion and upward movement of hot air to gently circulate around the room, whilst the patented element with increased surface area heats larger volumes of air more efficiently to provide a...