Kemlan C24

The C24 is easy to use with its one slide control. This single touch control regulates the preheated primary airwash system and a sophisticated 24 point secondary air induction system. The clean burning technology gives the ability to regulate your comfort level by adjusting the flame pattern and burn time of the fire.

Kemlan heaters burns safely, with the flame behind a strong ceramic glass viewing area. The ceramic glass will remain clean throughout the life of the fire, courtesy of the advanced airwash system within the fire. The flames are natural, and the viewing experience satisfying.

The fully shielded firebox incorporates a natural convection system, allowing warmth to circulate. A 3 speed fan is available to increase circulation by fan forced convection.

Available in standard metallic black, enamel black or enamel white, and a wood stack version. The enamel white design proudly displays an Australian wildflower celebrating the Australian heritage of the Kemlan brand.

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