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Small Duct Systems

Heating + Cooling Redefined

Who says looks don’t matter? Our smart ducting system and refined air grilles integrate with your living spaces for a beautiful, clean finish.

Forget unsightly air grilles and clunky off-white thermostats. AirSmart is designed to be unobtrusive at all times.

You’ll forget it’s even there.


Trying to fit into a tight spot?  Many of today’s buildings are designed with flat roofs and limited ceiling space. This makes heating and cooling installations difficult, compromised and expensive. Until now. With an AirSmart’s small ducting system, vents as small as 100mm diameter, fit almost anywhere so you can avoid bulkheads or large cavities.

AirSmart VenturiTM Features

Venturi-effect injects a low volume of energy-dense air.

Rapid temperature response.

The venturi-effect promotes surrounding air towards the air grille, changing temperature quickly. More consistent temperature from floor to ceiling.

No more hot or cold spots.

Whisper quiet. AirSmart air grilles do not need deflection vanes so air passes through quietly, while allowing air grilles to be smaller.

No drafts.

With half the air movement.

Can be placed anywhere without impacting performance.

In corners, floor, ceiling and even walls